Planning Your Event


1. What is the occasion?
Birthday, Wedding Reception, Banquet, etc.

2. What is the style of your event?
Should it be a casual, black tie or cocktails? Will you host a costumed, corporate or elegant party?

3. What date are you considering?
You may want to identify 2 or 3 dates to consider, just in case the one is not available. Remember that the day of the week will often affect pricing.

4. How many guests are you planning to invite?
Everyone you invite may not attend the event and the number of guests has the largest impact on the cost of the event. Typically, you begin with a number about 80 - 90% of your guest list.

5. What is your budget or how much are your willing to spend?
Remember to include costs like catering, invitations, photographer, postage, favors, centerpieces and entertainment and gratuities.

6. What time of day would you like your event to be?
The type of event and the age of your guests should be a consideration. As an example, if it is a 90th birthday party, an afternoon event may be more appropriate than the evening.